Step 1: Start a blog by accepting the “30 Day Blog Challenge” from A.J. Juliani.

I have been wanting to do this for quite a while, but procrastinationwell, you know.  When one is challenged, however, a new motivational fire is lit and blah, blah, blah. I guess the truth is I just like a challenge! So, step one, find the blog I previously set up, for which I never even wrote the first post. Hey, I remembered the name, just not the hosting site.

Step 2: Try to get a colleague to do it with me, because, after all, there is safety in numbers.

I forwarded the 30 day challenge email to the best writing teacher I know. She said, “This is awesome.” Okay, it wasn’t exactly a commitment to do it with me, but it was encouraging.

Step 3: Run the idea by my eldest daughter. Get some advice on what to name my blog.

While in Walmart, I purse dial my daughter accidentally. She tells me she is helping a friend get her blog started, which makes me think of the 30 day challenge. Wow, must be meant to be! Or, maybe not. I run my idea of a blog name  by her and disappointingly, she is underwhelmed.  She does suggest writing a blog about searching for a name…

Step 4: Access my Pinterest Board named, “Blogging. maybe I can do this?” Even Pinterest wasn’t sure I could do it!

I randomly click on pins until I have an “Aha!” moment when one pin mentions the hosting site I had used to originally set up my blog,

Step 5: Log onto, find my blog, and actually think about writing or not writing!

What was my password again? Fine, it only took me two tries and I was in. That was too easy. I have no excuse not to write now. If I don’t write, I could just rename the blog The Vacant Blog, or The Lonely Blog.  After all, who wants to read an empty blog? Wouldn’t it be easier though if no one did read it? Then there would be no critiques!

Step 6: Come up with a topic and a format.

I once read that people are drawn to reading anything that says how to do something in a certain number of steps, or just has a number in the title. I know this is true because it works on me! I recently have read articles with titles like, “How to Organize Your Life in 10 Easy Steps”and, “Cut these 5 things out of Your Diet to Lose Weight Now!” Don’t laugh.. We did just celebrate moving from 2016 to 2017. Along with  moving forward comes a myriad of attempts to improve our lives, but that’s a subject for a future blog.   In the meantime, I chose “New Year, New Me, My 7 Easy Steps: because a numerology  link I clicked on yesterday said 7 was an important number for me. Do I believe in numerology? I don’t know, but why take any chances?

Step 7: Asking for help

So, “New Year, New Me” means I recognize that through blogging, I can grow as a person, and as a professional. I accept the challenge from A. J. Juliani, and here is a link to that challenge, just in case you want to think about blogging yourself.                        

For now though, I need help naming my blog. The current name, “Sweetheart Librarian” is as creative as I get. (Despite what the numerologist said about my unlimited creativity, there is, sadly, a limit.) Even though I liked the name, my daughter (see step 3 above) wasn’t crazy about it. So comment with your ideas. Please.  I would love to hear from you.